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Back From HiberNation

Hello World!

So I am so back, but you may be wondering the relevance of the YouTube video I posted in this posts. Well, it's kinda my favorite song for now that inspired me to get up and write. It is Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue.

There are so many things that happened to me in the past few days. First, weather maybe not that good, unpredictable rain as usual but mostly very hot and humid summer days. Second, okay this is kinda personal but I am crushing on someone hahah. Third, I have been travelling around the country and booked a couple more this coming month and lastly, I have another work opportunity to join and who doesn't need money these days?

I'm not really pressuring my self a lot now since I have missed a lot of things here, oh boy you know when cortisol overflows. It's one of the most unfortunate days and it's part of my ups and downs too. Anyways, let's chill!


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